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Positive about Emmy

Positive About Emmy
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Positive About Emmy

This is a community for people who either hate or love Emmy Rossum. Be positive about things. It makes the world a better place. Being negative and hating someone is immature. Loving someone and calling people who don't like her idiots or jealous can also be immature.

Not everyone is jealous of her.

Not everyone hates her.

Personally,I think she's absolutely beautiful. All pictures were taken randomly from google.

I really don't care what you post here,but there are some rules that I request.

Please don't completely trash her by saying "she sucks a$$ and she can't sing worth crap". Be nice about it. How would you feel is you read something that said you completely sucked?Even if you did know her to be a complete b****, people change, you need to forgive people, and trashing her because she was mean isn't making her any nicer.Also if you're a fan don't yell at people that don't like her.Everyone has a right to express their opinion here. Just be mature about stuff. That's all I ask.

Another thing is please write in as correct grammer as possible. It's hard to understand that netspeak crap. This rule is requested not required.

Emmy Rossum icons were taken from the livejournal icon section of emmyrossumfan.com.